VidTrans23 - Annual Technical Conference and Exposition
February 28– March 2, 2023
Los Angeles, California

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Preliminary Program

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Tuesday, February 28, 2023

7:30AM Continental Breakfast – Bayview Room Foyer

8:30AM Session 1 Begins – Bayview Room (Richard Friedel - Welcome & Brad Gilmer – Moderator)

  1. Here be Dragons? - Machine Defined Production | Synopsis
    David Griggs - Disney

  2. Video quality monitoring in OTT: Best Practices and Challenges | Synopsis
    Aandrey Pozdnyakov - Elecard

  3. Making Multi-Vendor Cloud-Based Production Just Work | Synopsis
    Chris Lennon – Ross Video

    10:00AM Break, 45 Minutes in Exhibit Hall (California Ballroom)

    Exhibits Open 10:00AM - 7:00PM

  4. RIST Source Adaptation | Synopsis
    Ciro Noronha, Ph.D. – Cobalt Digital

  5. JPEG-XS and NDI for Low Latency Cloud Production: A Technology Preview | Synopsis
    Jiri Matela - Comprimato

11:45AM Get-Together Luncheon in Exhibit Hall

1:15PM Session 2 Begins – Bayview Room

  1. Panel Discussion: How we learned to stop worrying and love the Cloud
    Moderator: John Mailhot – Imagine Communications
    Participants: Kieran Kunhya–OBE.TV, Andy Rayner- Nevion, Wes Simpson-LearnIPvideo
    The Ground-Cloud-Cloud-Ground working group is tackling different aspects of constructing viable multi-vendor ecosystems within hosted computing environments – the groups focus is on signal transport, timing, control, and related topics. This panel session will briefly recap the groups work to date, and discuss the remaining challenges ahead on the road to cloud-based television production.

    2:15PM Break, 45 Minutes in Exhibit Hall

  2. Advance Techniques for Monitoring Live Video Delivery – Why Video Delivery Intelligence is Important? | Synopsis
    Adi Rozenberg - AlvaLinks Media System

  3. Cloud Deployment – Tools for Standing up Applications in the Cloud
    TBD – Imagine Communications

  4. Securing PTP | Synopsis
    John Naylor –Ross Video

    4:30PM Session Adjourn

    Tuesday Reception – Exhibit Hall 5:30-7:00PM

Wednesday, March 1, 2023

7:30AM Continental Breakfast – Bayview Room Foyer

8:15AM Session 3 Begins – Bayview Room

  1. Private 5G Networks at the Queen's Funeral and Elsewhere | Synopsis
    Kieran Kunhya – Open Broadcast Systems

  2. Xtreme Production Case Study | Synopsis
    Scott Beckett – ATT, John Dale – Media Links

  3. Bringing Distributed Hybrid IP Production Technologies Together – Overcoming Current Performance Limitations | Synopsis
    Andy Rayner- Nevion

  4. RIST Activity Group Update
    Rick Ackermans - CBS

    10:00AM Break, 45 Minutes in Exhibit Hall

    Exhibits Open 10:00AM – 6:00PM

  5. Cloud-Based Live Productions - how to Orchestrate a Multi-vendor Environment in the Cloud | Synopsis
    Thomas Gunkel – Skyline Communications

  6. Using the Embrionix EB82SOC1 "System on Chip" to add ST 2110 to Video Production Equipment | Synopsis
    David Workman - Embrionix

    Note: VSF Membership Meeting (Bayview Room) 11:45AM – 12:15PM

11:45AM Get-Together Luncheon in Exhibit Hall

1:15PM Session 4 Begins – Bayview Room

  1. Panel Discussion: Sustainability – Minimizing the Carbon Footprint of Live Production
    Moderator: Andy Rayner- Nevion
    Participants: Thomas Edwards – AWS, Others

  2. On-demand Networking Powering Live Cloud Sports Production – a Real-World PoC| Synopsis
    Brad Cheney - Fox Sports, Thomas Edwards – AWS, Ryan Korte - Cloud Connect, Lumen Technologies

    2:15PM Break, 45 Minutes in Exhibit Hall

  3. User Requirements and/or Challenges, Case Studies, especially those involving the Transition to IP or IT-Based Technologies Case Study | Updating Microsoft’s Production Campus from SDI to IP “while the airplane’s in Flight” | Synopsis
    Karl Paulsen - Diversified

  4. ASM - There's a better way| Synopsis
    Chris Lapp - Cisco

  5. A Master's Toolbox and Algorithms for Low-Latency Live Streaming | Synopsis
    Ali C. Begen – Comcast-Ozyegin University

    4:30PM Session Adjourn

    Reception – Exhibit Hall 4:30-6:00PM

Thursday, March 2, 2023

7:30AM Continental Breakfast – Bayview Room Foyer

8:00AM Session 5 Begins - Bayview Room

  1. IPMX Activity Group Update
    Jack Douglass – PacketStorm

  2. VSF from 1997 to Present
    Wes Simpson – LearnIPvideo

  3. RIST Enhances IPMX in Network's Production and Monitoring Streams | Synopsis
    Sergio Ammirata - SipRadius LLC

    Break - Take when needed

  4. How SMPTE ST2110 Technologies will Facilitate the Spread of Next Generation Audio Codecs | Synopsis
    Thomas Burnichon - ATEME

  5. Unified System Design: Physical and Logical Design | Synopsis
    Lukas Odhner - NTC, a Deloitte Business

  6. Security and Operational Efficiency at the inter-entity IP interconnect and RP 2129 | Synopsis
    Chin Koh - Net Insight

    11:00AM Meeting Adjourn

Note: IPMX & RIST Demonstrations between Multiple Vendors in the Exhibit Hall.

This Internet Protocol Media Experience (IPMX) demonstration presents several aspects of the Technical Recommendation TR-10. Hardware and Software based IPMX Senders (Encoders) and IPMX Receivers (Decoders) from various companies taking part in this demonstration are implementing the System Timing as per TR-10-1. The network in this demonstration contains no PTP Grand Master in order to demonstrate that IPMX devices can operate without PTP present in the network. All video sources in this demonstration are asynchronous and part of the exhibit shows the low latency that is possible between the input signal of an IPMX Sender and the output of the IPMX Receiver.

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