JPEG-XS Activity Group

The J2K-ULL Activity Group: Published Technical Recommendation (TR-07) which addresses utilization of JPEG XS coding of typical broadcast format contribution video signals along with associated audio and ancillary data signals for WAN/LAN applications where it is advantageous to utilize a MPEG2TS wrapper and SMPTE ST 2022-2 IP Encapsulation. The group also published Technical Recommendation titled TR-08 - Transport of JPEG XS video in ST 2110 22. Both of these documents include JPEG XS coded video. A JPEG XS File Exchange related to TR-07 & TR-08 took place during 2021 & 2022. The JPEG-XS Activity Group work is completed.

JPEG-XS Activity Group Authorization Form (docx, 26k)

Please contact the Chair of the JPEG-XS Activity Group listed below, or the VSF Operations Manager.

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