VSF- VidTrans23 - Delivering the Benefits of IP for Media Production, Annual Conference & Exposition - Marina del Rey, California, USA

February 28– March 2, 2023

Photo from VidTrans23, March 2023
Photo from VidTrans23 Conference & Exhibition held in Los Angeles, CA February 28 - March 2, 2023
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Conference Program & Presentations

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Tuesday, February 28, 2023

Session 1

  1. Life in the world of 2110 Packet Pacing
    Paul Briscoe - TAG Video Systems

  2. Video quality monitoring in OTT: Best Practices and Challenges
    Andrey Pozdnyakov - Elecard

  3. Making Multi-Vendor Cloud-Based Production Just Work
    Chris Lennon – Ross Video

  4. RIST Source Adaptation
    Ciro Noronha Ph.D. – Cobalt Digital

  5. JPEG-XS and NDI for Low Latency Cloud Production: A Technology Preview
    Jiri Matela - Comprimato

Session 2

  1. Panel Discussion: How we learned to stop worrying and love the Cloud
    Moderator: John Mailhot – Imagine Communications
    Participants: Kieran Kunhya–OBE.TV, Andy Rayner- Nevion, Wes Simpson-LearnIPvideo

  2. Advance Techniques for Monitoring Live Video Delivery – Why Video Delivery Intelligence is Important?
    Adi Rozenberg - AlvaLinks Media System

  3. Cloud Deployment – Tools for Standing up Applications in the Cloud
    John Mailhot – Imagine Communications

  4. Securing PTP
    John Naylor –Ross Video

Wednesday, March 1, 2023

Session 3

  1. Private 5G Networks at the Queen's Funeral and Elsewhere
    Kieran Kunhya – Open Broadcast Systems

  2. Xtreme Production Case Study | Case Study Pictures
    Scott Beckett – ATT, John Dale – Media Links

  3. Bringing Distributed Hybrid IP Production Technologies Together – Overcoming Current Performance Limitations
    Andy Rayner - Nevion

  4. RIST Activity Group Update
    Rick Ackermans - CBS

  5. Cloud-Based Live Productions - how to Orchestrate a Multi-vendor Environment in the Cloud
    Thomas Gunkel – Skyline Communications

  6. Using the Embrionix EB82SOC1 "System on Chip" to add ST 2110 to Video Production Equipment
    David Workman - Embrionix

Session 4

  1. Panel Discussion: Sustainability – Minimizing the Carbon Footprint of Live Production
    Moderator: Andy Rayner – Nevion
    Participants: Thomas Edwards – AWS, Barbara Lange - Kibo121, Athena Trastelis – CBC, Geoff Wolf -BBC

  2. On-demand Networking Powering Live Cloud Sports Production – a Real-World PoC
    Brad Cheney - Fox Sports, Thomas Edwards – AWS, Ryan Korte - Cloud Connect, Lumen Technologies

  3. Panel Discussion: User Requirements and/or Challenges, Case Studies, especially those involving the Transition to IP or IT-Based Technologies Case Study | Updating Microsoft’s Production Campus from SDI to IP “while the airplane’s in Flight”
    Moderator: Brad Gilmer- Gilmer and Associates
    Participants: Karl Paulsen – Diversified, Jack Clawson – Microsoft, John Ball – Microsoft

  4. ASM - There's a better way
    Chris Lapp - Cisco

  5. A Master's Toolbox and Algorithms for Low-Latency Live Streaming
    Ali Begen – Comcast-Ozyegin University

Thursday, March 2, 2023

Session 5

  1. IPMX Activity Group Update
    Jack Douglass – PacketStorm

  2. VSF from 1997 to Present
    Wes Simpson – LearnIPvideo

  3. RIST Enhances IPMX in Network's Production and Monitoring Streams
    Sergio Ammirata - SipRadius LLC

  4. How SMPTE ST2110 Technologies will Facilitate the Spread of Next Generation Audio Codecs
    Thomas Burnichon - ATEME

  5. Unified System Design: Physical and Logical Design
    Lukas Odhner - NTC, a Deloitte Business

  6. Security and Operational Efficiency at the Inter-Entity IP Interconnect and RP 2129
    Chin Koh - Net Insight

  7. Key Concepts for Reliable Timing to Enable SMPTE-2110 Deployments
    Luis E Gonzalez – Oscilloquartz

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