Reliable Internet Stream Transport "RIST" Activity Group

The RIST AG was formed to address the lack of compatibility between devices that provide reliable low-latency transport of high-quality video over public IP networks. This effort has led to multiple companies and organizations releasing products that support RIST, as demonstrated by the successful interop tests conducted at VidTrans 2019-2020 and at industry events such as IBC and NAB.

RIST is available as a truly open specification, so any organization can freely download the documents and develop compliant solutions that can be incorporated into products under the included license terms. RIST is also available as open source, with code available in several public repositories.

To date, two open specifications have been produced: TR-06-1 (RIST Simple Profile), first released in 2018, defines the basic ARQ (Automatic Repeat Query) technology used to recover lost packets. It has been updated in 2020 to include an optional "RTT Echo" message that streamlines the process of configuring packet buffers.

TR-06-2 (RIST Main Profile), released in 2020, defines additional functions required for commercial applications, including stream encryption, sender/receiver authentication, in-band data tunneling, and bandwidth optimization.

Work continues within the RIST AG towards developing further RIST specifications that include additional features. All VSF members are welcome to join the RIST AG by contacting the co-chairs.

RIST Activity Group Authorization Form (doc, 63k)

RIST Poster

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