HBRAV Activity Group – Established May 7, 2014

The original HBRAV Activity Group was formed in 2008 with overall goal to pick up the work of the PRO-MPEG COP4 documents, and evolve them into SMPTE standards. This work culminated in the ratification of SMPTE 2022-5 and -6 in 2012.

The current work of the HBRAV group is focused on enhancements and clarifications to SMPTE 2022-6, with an emphasis on attempting to maintain compatibility with both the spirit and the details of the existing document. This work led to the publication of VSF Technical Recommendation #4 (TR-04) "Utilization of ST-2022-6 Media Flows within a VSF TR-03 Environment" which leverages the TR-03 framework to define the timestamps of ST-2022-6 flows such that coordinated AES67 audio flows can be kept in synchronization.

VSF Technical Recommendations TR-04 is freely available for download.

Work continues in the HBRAV group on a proposed extension to the 2022-5 FEC mechanism to improve performance in certain network flow switching scenarios.

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