Review of CODEC options for AV over IP protocols in Pro-AV applications (IPMX CODECs)

This activity group will establish operating points for the documented use cases of the IPMX system, and criteria to be measured for candidate codecs against each use case, and organize a vendor self-testing program, such that there is sufficient data to allow a group external to the VSF (e.g. the AIMS IPMX steering committee) to make a decision. It is hoped that the output of this group will have general industry benefit beyond IPMX. This group will operate under the IPR guidelines of the Video Services Forum. The specific tasks of this group are detailed in the Activity Group Authorization Form. A roadmap of deliverables is currently under discussion by this group and will be published when ready.

CODEC Activity Group Authorization Form - May 2023

Roadmap of Deliverables

The project formally started on June 9, 2023.

If you are interested in participating in this working group, please contact and she will add you to the VSF IPMX CODECs reflector. You must be a VSF member to participate.

  • Andre Testa
    Andre Testa
    Matrox Video
  • Ben Cope
    Ben Cope
    Intel Corporation
    +44 7785530163

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