VSF Presentation Criteria

Presentations serve to educate VSF attendees and provide a platform for discussion of critical issues to the community. When making a presentation proposal, please bear in mind the following guidelines:

  • Presentations should be technical. Marketing and sales presentations are *strongly* discouraged.
  • Please use common sense. While we want to allow vendors the opportunity to show what they know, and to prove that their products do what they claim, we do not want this to become a commercial where the VSF has provided a convenient captive audience for sales pitches.
  • Presentations centered around User X deployed 500 of my product Y for application Z, without any further technical information are not useful and will not be allowed.
  • Company names are fine.
  • Specific model numbers are fine.
  • Because of anti-trust concerns, discussion of product pricing is not allowed.
  • Product comparisons are not allowed (My product can do X, but competing product Y cannot).
  • Demonstrations and actual implementations (use case examples) are very much encouraged, but should have technical content to back it up.
  • Presentations should be technically specific and provide useful information to the audience.

Note that in extreme cases, you may be asked to alter your presentation while it is being presented if it is an extremely sales or marketing oriented presentation.

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